During the course of your creative work, you may have sought appropriate and helpful feedback from colleagues, friends and family, or other audiences. This can be an area of some anxiety. You may be wary of exposing your work in progress to others because you have in the past received destructive or irrelevant comments, or suggestions that slowed (or worse, derailed) a project.

A powerful way to obtain meaningful feedback is the Critical Response Process developed over the past 25 years by choreographer/educator Liz Lerman and used worldwide. The Process consists of a 60 to 90 minute session where an audience experiences a component of the work in progress, and then engages in a structured sequence of interchanges with the artist moderated by a facilitator. I can assist you in organizing and I can facilitate the critical response session for your work.

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For more on the Critical Response Process and how it places the artist in control of the feedback dynamic, visit the Liz Lerman site (external link)