Therapy for Artists and Creatives

Psychotherapy and Coaching in New York City

I am a psychotherapist and coach focused on providing services tailored for you, the creative person.

You may be an artist, photographer, designer, digital artist, dancer, or performer. A professional in mid-career or just starting out. Doing a job for income at the moment with art as your side gig — or planning the leap into your next career.

I welcome you to explore my thinking and approach to removing barriers to a fulfilling creative life and career. There are three modalities I use to support your work, your art, and your life: psychotherapy, coaching, and facilitating critical response sessions.

Bruce Campbell, LCSW



Classically, artists have sought psychotherapy as a means to unblock or to accelerate creativity. My style: humanistic treatment focused on the here-and-now issues of life lived today


Coaching is focused on performance, setting and meeting goals that are relevant to advancing or shifting careers

Critical Response

The critical response process provides a structured approach to gain appropriate and helpful feedback on an artistic project in development

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